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I've been MIA. Here's why...

I'm going to be honest - This blogging thing is not going as smoothly as I expected. I was hoping for regular updates to keep everyone informed and up to date, but no one said hustling was easy! 

I've got a lot of content that I need to upload which includes more DJ Tips as well as some updates on past and upcoming gigs. 

Besides playing music I do have a day job which a lot of people don't know about. That keeps me quite busy during the week, but after putting a lot of time into my business it's starting to run quite self sufficiently. This has freed up some time for me to get back into DJ-ing and creating mixes (will also upload some of those too as I've been featured on GoodHope FM, 5FM and soon UCT Radio) and focus on other projects.

Everything is still quite top secret, but it all will be revealed soon enough. 

So far, 2015 has been good to me and I hope it's been good to you too. Stay tuned as I'll be uploading some more fresh content later this week! I've got a lot planned for the rest of this year and can't wait to share it with you :)

PS: I also recently joined SnapChat, if you would like to add me, my username is "DJDamageSA"


06:18 28 May 2015


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