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DJ Tip #2: How to Create a Professional Sounding Demo/Mix Part 2

This post is going to finish up the topic I started last week.

To get the best audio quality for your mix, make sure you are using a decent sound card...and by decent, I mean anything that isn't built into your laptop. There are many sound cards on the market to choose from that can cater for any budget. One that pops into my mind is the Native Instruments Audio 2 - neat little sound card that gets the job done.

The worst thing when listening to DJ's mixes is having to constantly adjust the volume, either because the DJ doesn't know how to use the gain or his output wasn't strong enough. I would recommend you look into software called "Platinum Notes". This software will help normalize/master your mix by helping fix damaged peaks and bringing the volume up to where it should be. It can be used for any tracks that you might own that doesn't quite have the kick you were hoping for.

Once your mix has run through the various software and is sounding good it's time to make sure your file names are in order. Clubs and radio jocks receive a ton of mixes so make sure the filename is correct as well as the ID3 tags which can be edited in software like iTunes.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but demos are a little different. Put a little effort into the packaging; get a friend who is a graphic designer to make a simple cover with all your details. I want to emphasize on the word simple - less is more. Remember to have all your key details on there; name, stage name, contact details etc.

The next step will be to upload on social media sites and start sharing as well as physical distribution. Don't be THAT guy that posts his mix on everyone's wall - it's plain annoying. Tag a few key people you want to listen and let the mix work itself out there. If people like it they will share it, don't shove it down people's throats.

I hope this was helpful and please remember, it's MY advice to YOU.
Use it; don't it! 

10:27 31 Mar 2015


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