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This post is going to finish up the topic I started last week.

To get the best audio quality for your mix, make sure you are using a decent sound card...and by decent, I mean anything that isn't built into your laptop. There are many sound cards on the market to choose from that can cater for any budget. One that pops into my mind is the Native Instruments Audio 2 - neat little sound card that gets the job done.

The worst thing when listening to DJ's mixes is having to constantly adjust the volume, either because the DJ doesn't know how to use the gain or his output wasn't strong enough. I would recommend you look into software called "Platinum Notes". This software will help normalize/master your mix by helping fix damaged peaks and bringing the volume up to where it should be. It can be used for any tracks that you might own that doesn't quite have the kick you were hoping for...[read more]

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This is quite a broad topic, so I will definitely be covering it in more detail in future posts. For now, I'm just going to cover the basics.

First off - make sure all the songs you use are high quality MP3's. Alternatively, you can go extreme and go with WAV's, but I don't recommend that - unless hard drive space isn't an issue for you. The higher quality tracks will give you more headroom to play with, depending where you are and what system you are playing on. Rememeber: it might sound good on your hi-fi at home but it needs to sound GREAT on a big-rig club system. It's also really hard to take anyone seriously when they are playing a track that sounds as though it was recorded off a radio that wasn't tuned into the station correctly.

On that note, I've heard many DJ's that have played pre-recorded mixes/podcasts of other DJ's, but were too lazy to edit the station's drops. Don't be THAT guy! There is also no way to upscale your tracks, so forget about that option. To sum this section up - get your music legally and you won't have a quality issue...[read more]

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...and by quality, I don't mean "Beats By Dre", even though they do look dope as hell! I'm not going to bore you with technical specs on this one, but I'll jump straight into it.

My headphones of choice are the "Sennheiser HD25's". Besides the fact that every part of it is replaceable unlike other headphones on the market, they offer the best sound quality with no bass boosters or enhancers. They will expose flaws and let you experience the music the way the producers intended it to be...[read more]

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